October 4, 2019

Private Golf Instruction

Derek helping a student – feel the positions that inspire tour level ball striking!

Private Golf Instruction Led By Experience

Golf is a wonderful sport that is always challenging us. Our goal at Derek Nannen Golf is to offer you the capability to navigate those challenges without constantly battling your swing.

Whether you are brand new to the sport, a mid or high handicapper, or a scratch golfer – Derek will utilize technology and experience to help you with any facet of your golf game. Often times students apply “band aid” fixes to their swing that only lasts for a short amount of time.

We’ve all been there… we warm up on the range where we find which “swing thought” is going to help us for the day. When we go out and have a great day of ball striking, we think we’ve found that “secret sauce.” The only problem? The next time we go out… we try the exact same thing… and the results are catastrophic!

The primary goal of professional golf instruction with Derek is to help you develop the mechanics to build a reliable swing. No more quick fixes, no more tips. Build a solid foundation that can allow you to trace and diagnose your own swing as needed.

Let Derek Help You!

  • Driving
  • Iron Play
  • Short Game
  • Putting
  • Mental Game
  • Bunker Play
  • Tempo
  • Body Movement
  • Course Strategy

To book a private session with Derek, please use the links below – we look forward to seeing you on the range!


  • (60 Minutes) $140
  • (30 Minutes) $75