October 18, 2019

Boditrak Pressure Mat System

Boditrak Pressure Mat System

What is Boditrak?

Boditrak is a key technology that helps you and Derek understand more about your body and swing. Understanding how your body interacts with the ground is a concept that can help advance your swing for both plane, distance, and consistency. Boditrak measures the force and weight distribution of your feet (and more importantly), your body.

The Holy Grail of Golf Swings

We all see tour pros on TV – their effortless swing, power, and consistency. We all know that power comes from the ground, a proper sequencing of the legs, torso, shoulder, arms, and club head is essential for developing YOUR swing. Boditrak enables us to measure and analyze your sequencing and make the appropriate adjustments. It is very tough for the average golfer to understand their ‘motion’ and faults without Boditrak. Utilizing Boditrak, Derek will help you develop and improve your swing from the ground up.

Derek utilizes Boditrak in all of his schools, clinics, and private lessons. Understanding and utilizing proper sequencing, weight transfer, and pressure shifting will help beginner golfers, all the way through scratch golfers.